Class of 1977 - 35th Reunion
Mark Davis
I have not seen most of you in 35 years so, can't wait to hear your stories and tell you mine.
. I went on to college; working on Masters in Project Management, have BS in Technology Management, AAS in Electronics Engineering.
. Worked in aerospace for 20 years
. Served my country (as a civilian working for an intelligence agency)
. Currently work in telecom and started a couple of small businesses.
. I am single and have 2 great kids.
Who am I? I was the skinny kid who played percussion in the band, football (5th string I think.) and played guitar in several garage bands (I still play). Grew my hair nearly to my waist, cut it off in '81 and moved to Texas.
I grew up in Rockwood (next door to the Bodner Family) across the street from Bob Gillette and down the street from Rob Macgregor, Jeff Guzzi and Rich Garvin. I had 4 sisters (and stayed sane) and 1 brother.
I believe in God but I'm not religious.
I still put gum underneath chairs.
I do not believe God will punish me for putting gum underneath a few chairs.
If I can afford the air fare I will be there.
Either way, I will always remember you and hope you remember me.